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Yesterday Oprah Winfrey interviewed child sexual predators. The haunting interview gives their accounts on why they chose to abuse their victims, how they got away with it and what parents can do to protect their children from abuse. This is a must see for all parents, grandparents and parents to be.

For more information on PCAR’s child sexual abuse prevention project please visit the Vision of Hope and HERO Project web sites.

(L to R) Rich Hunter from Verizon Wireless, Delilah Rumburg (PCAR), Chris Brennan From Verizon

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) through its Vision of Hope project announces a $30,000 grant from Verizon Foundation and Verizon Wireless to provide Internet Safety educational outreach in Cumberland County.

The funding will help the YWCA of Carlisle offer this program to students, parents and educators in the Cumberland Valley and Big Spring School Districts.

“PCAR is thankful to form a partnership with Verizon and Verizon Wireless that will help to make our children safer,” said PCAR Executive Director Delilah Rumburg. “Verizon and Verizon Wireless have shown a strong dedication to the anti-violence movement. I look forward working with them to help end violence to children and families in the community.”

The Internet Safety Program will include multiple activities designed to increase students’ knowledge of risky online behaviors including hands-on training for parents and the general public and an awareness campaign.

“Our children are growing up in a digital world. It’s how they communicate, learn and share ideas,” said Christopher Brennan, Director-External Affairs with Verizon Pennsylvania.  “Online technology has had a tremendous impact on our society, and its role will continue to grow with further advances. Verizon is proud to partner with PCAR to educate and empower students, parents and teachers in the Cumberland County community to enjoy a safe experience while on the internet.”

Rich Hunter, Associate Director, Business Sales for Verizon Wireless, added: “We are proud to work with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape to raise awareness and provide resources through our exclusive HopeLine® phone recycling program, which has existed for nearly a decade and a half.  No single company or agency can fully address the critical need to keep our children from falling prey to internet predators but working together, we can all make a much larger impact.” Read the rest of this entry »


October 21st – Today, Pennsylvania advocates affirmed a national call to action intended to raise awareness about and a greater commitment to reducing the number of children and youth who experience child abuse and neglect drawing particular attention to the fifty Pennsylvania children who died in 2008 as a result of child abuse.

“The death of any child as a result of child abuse is too many,” said Cathleen Palm of the Protect Our Children Committee. “The collective loss of life should move us from tragic reflection to unified alarm renewing our commitment to protect every child, to strengthen every family.”

The number of Pennsylvania children who died as a result of abuse in 2008 was the highest number of deaths since 2002.

Last year, ninety-percent of the children who died as a result of child abuse were four or younger – forty percent of all deaths claimed the lives of children under the age of one.

“Too many children have paid too high a price as a result of child abuse and neglect,” said Diane Moyer of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. “It is the responsibility of government to protect children but that duty also extends beyond government and rests with each of us to work for intentional strategies prioritizing prevention”

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