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School officials, law enforcement and some teenagers in Perry County agree that sexting is happening with alarming frequency.  As authorities fight the growing trend, 7 Susquenita High School students are accused of sending graphic images of themselves via cell phones.

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TeenEsteem_coverPCAR is happy to announce that the third edition of the Teen ESTEEM magazine has just been released.

Over 50,000 copies have been shipped to PCAR’s 52 rape crisis centers for distribution in schools, civic organizations and at local events statewide.

To get your free copy visit the website here.

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If you would like to receive bulk copies of the magazine to distribute to your group, organization or event, please contact PCAR at 717-728-9740.

Break the Cycle, the nation’s leading expert on teen dating violence, gave Pennsylvania a “B” grade in it’s national report card for the state’s laws relating to helping teen victims of intimate partner violence.

Pennsylvania’s law around protecting teens from domestic violence and dating violence aren’t the best in the country but rate a “B” along with nine other states. To see PA’s report card click here. Read the rest of this entry »